Once more the Winnipeg’s dullness
We somersaulted into,
Never a perfecter moment to yield
To all my cravings for pale Sienna sunsets
Brush-stroked on you
‘Fore the painting explodes
All over the brick walls,
Soiling the pictures,
All over the liquor
That’s melting the snow
Although you look colder
And I thought you were stronger;
The Forks forgot you
The moment I shot you.

You see, my bleeding Prince Charming,
I was already dead
That moment when you pulled the trigger
A breath away from my head.
So long, ten years of wasted faith,
So long, city that bears my name.

Once more the sterile environment
She keeps wandering through
In a cruel straight-jacket
For the latest outbursts were violent.
She smiles, slowly turning blue,
Swinging rusty hatchets
And hitting the foam walls,
Chained to a steel pole
In front of a doctor.
She’s getting colder
As an army of needles sting her,
As the city forgets her
Like the moment he shot her.

You see, my deranged princess,
You should wish you were dead,
As I’m looking at you through the mirror
And I’m trying not to laugh.
So long, ten years I thought I lost,
So long, city of frozen ghosts.

You see, my vile Prince Charming,
I’m just a firm bite away;
I can already feel the iron through my cheeks
As I’m slipping away.
So long, my twenty-four years-long life,
So long, Winnipegs, goodnight.

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels