“That’s Why They Put Erasers On Pencils”

I’m quite amazingly skilled in dispelling
The lingering trust you possess
‘Cause you’ve been honing the worn out machetes
I used to stab you in the back
And yet you forgave me again,
Not a clue where you find all this strength.

I have devoured the ten thousand chances
You offered me to stay on track
And the pointless quest for your glance
Keeps me company on my descent to hell
And yet you’d still lay in my bed
Had I run after your when you left.

I graduated in spotting oxymorons
Hidden in the tales I tell.
You made me notice that the only nemesis
I have is my own best self
And yet you laughed when I fell
In the grave I dug in the sand.

I haven’t thought of us much lately
Being busy trying to ask for help;
Alas, my ego prevents me
From putting aside my selfishness
And yet you’d put up with this crap
Had I shown a bit of respect.

I know, I shouldn’t have let you go
And I shouldn’t have let you fall
With me these six feet underground.
Was I worth the scars you got?
I shouldn’t say I’m sorry now,
Shouldn’t wander through the town
And I guess I’m not that perfect, am I,
But you knew that, didn’t you?
Of all the mistakes I made
You’re the only one I’d make again.