“Here Again”

I shouldn’t have said a word
‘Cause ignorance is bliss.
I shouldn’t be craving more
Of your velvet red lipstick.
I should have seen it coming
When my heartbeat woke me up
From a twenty-five years long
Dreamless sleep.

I shouldn’t have tested luck
When the odds were against me.
I guess I’ve just said enough
As the regrets start to sting.
I should’ve used perfecter words
When the chords began to strum
But I was staring at the teardrops
Of my sinking ship.

I should’ve been a better man
Though I’m not one, not even now
That I linger by the stairwell
Where the silence screams so loud.
I should have made a bigger step
And douse the flaming fear
Instead of settle down and accept
Another avoidable death.

I shouldn’t have written this
‘Cause there’s a chance I might grow up
And find the guts to speak, or sing
About how much you’ve fucked me up.
I should have seen it coming
When your whisper woke me up
In my empty king size bed
Midst the shapes of your scent

And here I am again,
Both my hands on my head
And I’m still fading away
Like that old picture of you that
I keep on my bedpost,
Face down and shattered
For it reminds me how empty
This life’s going to be
If you’re not with me.