“For What She Is”

Her words are the thunders
That paint the walls of this house
And I’m sitting here, missing
Every wrinkle of her frowns.
Her eyes are the fire
Crackling loudly in this room
But I’m frozen beside it
And my hands are turning blue.

She’s just a disaster
Smiling back to my tears
As I’m still trying to remove the knife
She left between my ribs
Though I still feel the need
To hear her voice in my sleep
Though she’s so cruel sometimes
And she’s still on my mind.

She’s biting her tongue
To let me sing this song through
And I’m standing here shivering
Carefully choosing my phrases.
Her stare is a chainsaw
Blindly diving into my chest
But she looks great tonight
And I’m so scared to say it

Because she hates
Everything about me
And I still hate
Loving her for what she is
‘Cause she’s the bitter smile
You wear when days fall apart.