Days go by and not a superman comes
Though the leeches on my skin have almost drunk all of my blood.
I’ve been told to remember to be thankful to God
For the thousands of things that could go worse.
I’m stuck here, tongue-tied, listing pros and cons
Of the spontaneous reactions that I’ve planned way long ago.
I’m having brunch on a spoon in a one way dead end road
And the apathy’s my new deathbed, toss a coin and I’ll dance.

My friends lie when they say they’ve tried to call me
And I find me crying for a glass of diet coke.
When I stretch up for the sun I end up burning like a match
And I fall down on the Minotaur’s lap.
Oh, dear life, what am I supposed to be?
I’m so sick of being compared to the ashes that I sniff
And I know that you don’t care about the bodies on the street
Though you make believe some sympathy
And crack a smile, as disgusted as your glance
While I fuck my life and you’re wishing I was dead.
Not a bang but a whimper and a plain empty whisper,
If my heart stops no one cares.

Hear me out while I’m melting all my demons from my skull.
Up through the straw,
To the liver, to every bone, and you still don’t care at all.
You turn the spotlight on your eyes, your perfect life.
You got no time for me.
Wish this was a dream,
Wish I had a place to call my home.