“Back Home”

It’s been a long spring,
Living on my own
With all the west winds
Whispering the saddest songs.
I used to spend my days
Writing words
About how much
I missed your voice.

It’s been a long summer
Living with your ghost
‘Cause all of the suns
Have never been this cold.
I used to waste my days
Behind the smoke
Wishing somehow
You could hear these chords.

It’s been a long fall
Sleeping on my own
Among the leaves
And my dandelion’s corpse.
I used to spend my days
By the backyard porch
Staring at the stillness
Of the sleeping salt.

It’s been a long winter
Sinking in the snow
With bittersweet smiles
And frozen roads.
I used to spend my days
Beside a mute phone
Waiting for a call
Or another head-shot.

It’s been a long year
Lying on the floor
And now the curtains
Slowly and painfully close.
I’m glad you’re happy
Somewhere far away
With someone close
Someone better
Someone, not a jester.

Back home,
You’ll always find me
Back home
To cure your wounds
And wipe your tears
I’ve come to admit
To myself and the ceiling
I’m still lost without you
And I still can’t push through
For I need you more
Than anyone could do.

Photo by Efdal YILDIZ from Pexels